↔️Incompatibility Config

Learn how incompatibilities are handled and if your project needs them!


  • Utilize Incompatibility Config to avoid Layer trait collisions

  • "Set default value with incompatibility" allows you to specify what Layer trait you would like to swap out in found collisions

  • There is no limit on the number of incompatibilities you can create

  • Always press "Save Incompatibilities" to save the project state

What are incompatibilities?

Imagine you are making nature themed NFTs with the following inputs:

Background: Land,Water
Animal: Elephant,Whale

You wouldn't want a Whale to have the Land background, right?

That is where Incompatibility Config comes in to make sure that doesn't happen!

How to configure incompatibilities correctly?

Building off of the previous nature themed NFT example above here is the incompatibility config to avoid the Whale/Land collision:

Here we see the following:

Incompatible Layer 1 Name:


Incompatible Layer 1 Value:


Incompatible Layer 1 Incompatible With:


Set Default Value To Be Used In Incompatibility:


Given the inputs of the incompatibility above anytime there is an image prompt constructed with both Land and Whale it will change the value to Elephant.

Whale with land background ---> Elephant with land background

Amazing right? Gone are the days of having to manually shift through generations hunting for the ones that do not make sense!

Now it is time to head over to the Project Config section to finalize the project info!

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