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Find out how Layers influence generations and metadata!


  • Layers are what will show up as traits in your NFT images AND metadata

  • There is no limit to the number of Layers you can have

  • Layer Weights control how many NFTs will have this trait

  • Always press "Confirm Layers" to save the project state

  • Layers are injected into the Primary Prompt set in Model Config

What are Layers?

The layers are the secret sauce of GeNFT they influence two different things:

  1. Image Generation - each layer is injected into the primary prompt to create a unique generation prompt for each NFT. For a better understanding on how it builds prompts visit here.

  2. Metadata Creation - each layer that is created also generates a corresponding metadata .json. The default metadata format is Scatter Instareveal.

How do Layers build unique prompts?

You can think of Layers as doing all the hard work for you in terms of constructing prompts for image generations. It allows you to put a simple Primary Prompt like Anime Characters and the Layers traits will be injected into the Primary Prompt expanding it. An example using the default Character Layers:

Here we see that the Character will either be:


Assuming that also we set a simple Primary Prompt of Anime Characters in the Model Config:

Then upon hitting generate each layer will be injected into the primary prompt creating something similar to:

pirate anime character
robot anime character
ninja anime character

I hope you are still following along because at this point you should start realizing that the possibilities for this are endless! What previously took pain staking hours of prompt construction now can be accomplished in 10 minutes.

Check out our section on Incompatibility Config to see how you can avoid any Layer trait collisions!

↔️Incompatibility Config

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