🖌️Supporting Prompt

Find out how to use Supporting Prompts to influence your generations!

What are Supporting Prompts?

If the Primary Prompt is the overarching theme then Supporting Prompts are the small tweaks that can granularly shape the style NFT collection.

While Layers/Primary Prompt will directly be added into the prompt construction AND metadata. Supporting Prompts can be useful as they can influence the image generation style and not appear in metadata.

What are Supporting Prompts weights?

You can adjust the weight of a Supporting Prompt by the syntax (keyword: factor). Much like the Primary Prompt factor is a value such that less than 1 means less important and larger than 1 means more important (1.5 etc).

The same weighting example still applies, we can adjust the Secondary Prompdog in the following prompt:

Primary Prompt: Man standing outdoors

Layers (simplified): autumn in paris, ornate, beautiful, atmosphere, vibe, mist, smoke, fire, chimney, rain, wet, pristine, puddles, melting, dripping, snow, creek, lush, ice, bridge, forest

Supporting Prompt: dog

Ideally if you would like to add a dog you would do so through the Layer Config and not through a Supporting Prompt. The ideal use case for Supporting Prompts is tweaking art styles and camera angles etc...

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