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Why just stop there?


With advancements in A.I. happening daily there will be no shortage of the type of features we can integrate into the platform. As of now here is what is currently planned.

One-Click NFT Deployment

GeNFT will off two options for One-Click Deployment of NFT collections.

The first and most exclusive (reserved for Node NFT holders only) will be through Instareveal on Scatter NFT Marketplace.

The second will be a paid NFT collection contract generation tool will allow users to create and deploy custom contracts for their NFT collections.

User Trainable Image Models

It is our plan offer private user facing image model training in the near future. Users would be able to upload either a single or batch of images.

A.I. Image Editor

This feature will allow users to upload individual images and fine tune them all while generating exportable metadata.

A.I. Art Asset Generator

This feature will allow user to generate transparent individual layer that can be saved and used in our manual NFT generator.

Manual NFT Generator

This feature will be released alongside the A.i. asset generator to allow users to create ultra refined collections.

Private API Access

GeNFT will begin training proprietary image models early on. Some of these will not be public facing and will only be accessible via Private API and approval.

3D Layer Injected Object Generations

GeNFT wants to begin transitioning into the web3 gaming market and will beging making advancements on utilizing our current Layer based generation technology to make 3D objects that can be minted and utilized as web3 game assets.

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