📔NFT Generation 101

Go from Novice to Expert with our quick educational breakdown!

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The GeNFT platform is extremely powerful and customizable thus it has a steep initial learning curve.

Before proceeding any further it is imperative that you have an understanding of the following (ranked in importance):

  1. Negative Prompt

Some very important things to note:

  • The layer inputs are fed directly into the image generation so you do not need an overly complex primary prompt

  • Cleaner images are produced by adding traits etc... to the image via layers and not prompts in the Model Config

  • HR Upscaling is required for generation as of now

  • 1 HR Pass = ~10 seconds so if you set to 100 expect images to take longer to gen

  • The primary prompt weight should ideally always be higher than the secondary prompt weight

  • Seed can be any random number this is how you get variation in your generations. If you would like to generate the same of one style you discovered keep using that seed and corresponding model config.

Now that we have all of our bases covered lets begin generating an example anime PFP collection!

🧑Anime PFP Example

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