🔮Node NFT

Unlock the GeNFT platform with unparalleled access.


While many people see the Node NFT and think that we are limiting the growth of GeNFT to strictly 1000 users it couldn't be further from the reality what we have planned.

The NFT will be used as the bedrock for building the internal GeNFT community. By initialing having an isolated amount of users with Web3 expertise to use the platform and provide actionable feedback - it is our hopes that we can accelerate our timelines for identifying the best market fits and potential revenue streams.

The GeNFT Node NFT is simply the first step in the roadmap of creating a scalable and sustainable project ecosystem.

It needs to be heavily emphasized that these NFTs access passes will be the only way to access the GeNFT application until the $GEN token is announced. When the $GEN token is announced only users who validated their GeNFT Node will be eligible for a usage based airdrop.

NFT Information

Remaining Total Supply: 900/1000
Public Mint Price: 0.25 ETH
Next Mint Date: TBA
Affiliate Fee: 25%

Exclusive Benefits

- Lifetime access to GeNFT Platform (no monthly subscription when implemented)
- Unlimited generations (with fluctuating limitations based on infrastructure growth)
- Exclusive access to one-click Scatter instareveal NFT collection deployment
- Reduced custom NFT contract deployment fee
- Beta access to new features and models
- Eligible for $GEN airdrop (usage based)
🔥Node Validation

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