🪙$GEN Token

Token Overview

While most projects that spawn up in the crypto ecosystem love to run a tight timeline - shotgun style approach to launching a token that involves paid influencers, alpha group calls, and sometimes pure market timing luck - GeNFT decides to do things differently.

We wanted to handle some key pain points that can determine the success of projects in the long term well before even thinking about designing any tokenomics.

The approach was simple in order to have a stable token launch with a notable market cap the ground work will have to be established in the following areas:

  • Application Performance - The A.I. NFT Generator and associated features must be running reliably and at scale to handle high usage loads.

  • User Experience - An application that can have as many intricacies as GeNFT may require technical support and by utilizing our narrow scoped NFT access pass method we can be better equipped to deliver a seamless user experience

  • Community Creation - Behind every great traded token on the DEX is a community that truly appreciates the project and is the back bone for organic marketing that surpasses any type of paid marketing.

  • Revenue Streams - As the platform expands we will begin to better quantify our many revenue streams and collect it into valuable financial statements for usage later on in the Token Fundraising Stage.

The vision for the $GEN token is no small one. It will take time and it will only be possible as the platform grows.

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