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Learn how to get the perfect Primary Prompt!

What is the Primary Prompt?

Think of the Primary Prompt as the overarching theme of our NFT collection. It will be the base prompt that layers are injected into so keeping it simple is highly advised.

Referencing back to the example of how Layer injected image generation prompts are constructed here is a further detailed explanation of why simple Primary Prompts are better.

Here we see that the Character will either be:


We can add in a background Layer for more complexity:


Now given the simple anime characters Primary Prompt the image generation prompts would look like the following:

pirate anime character with forest background
robot anime character with ocean background
ninja anime character with mountain background

What is the Primary Prompt Weight?

Some helpful additional material to understand Prompt Weights can be found here but a TLDR version will be provided here:

The weight of the prompt is a value such that less than 1 means less important and larger than 1 means more important (1.5 etc).

For example, we can adjust the Primary Promptdog in the following prompt:

Primary Prompt: dog

Layers (simplified): autumn in paris, ornate, beautiful, atmosphere, vibe, mist, smoke, fire, chimney, rain, wet, pristine, puddles, melting, dripping, snow, creek, lush, ice, bridge, forest

Okay! I think you get the picture. Well... hopefully. If you take anything away from this page is simple Primary Prompts are better and add the complexity in the Layers.

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