👤Entity NFT

Born from the GeNFT Node Holder's ashes. The GeNFT Entity is eternal.


The GeNFT Entity NFT is the hidden PFP NFT that can only be acquired by burning 1 GeNFT Node. The rest is a mystery for now.


Not only does it allow for a visual way to signify your membership to the elite A.I. NFT cabal but opens the doorway for traditional Web3 NFT tied benefits (WLs/Seed Rounds/etc...).


The Allocation trait on the GeNFT Entity directly corresponds to the amount of $GEN airdrop received. There are several factors that can influence the Allocation RNG. Below it is broken down how to have the best chance at securing the max $GEN airdrop:

Max Allocation

  • Within first 100 burned.

High Allocation

  • Within first 250 burned.

Medium/Low Allocation

  • Within remaining 750 burned.

  • Burning sooner is always better.

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